sonic menu nutrition

sonic menu nutrition

Typically speaking, the keto nutrition plan calls for a total carbohydrate intake of less than 50 grams per day, and it can be as low as 20 grams per day. Popular ketogenic resources suggest an average of 70% to 80% fat from total daily calories, 5% to 10% carbohydrates, and 10% to 20% protein. However, some sources suggest the dietary macronutrients are composed of approximately 55% to 60% fat, 30% to 35% protein, and 5% to 10% carbohydrates [1]Essentially, ketosis can occur with different levels of macronutrients for different people, so it may be best to experiment, while verifying your results through urine ketone testing at home. is keto right for meKeto Grocery List Questionnaire If this grocery list contains around 50% of the foods you eat (or wouldn’t mind eating) on a normal basis, keto may be right for you. If you have some health and weight loss goals in mind, but you’re not sure if keto is the proper fit, put a check by the foods you can see yourself eating regularly. If you choose at least 10 of the foods labeled with “fat”, at least eight foods labeled as “carbohydrates”, and at least four items labeled as “protein”, you will, most likely, have success on the keto nutrition plan.

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Should you be concerned about mercury in fish? Which fish have the lowest mercury content?What Is Mercury?Heavy metals like mercury can be toxic. Mercury is naturally present in water, soil, and air, and it’s released in the environment in different ways, such as through natural events like eruptions and industrial processes like coal burning. Mercury is categorized into three main types: elemental (metallic), organic, and inorganic. [red ID = 1] You can be exposed to mercury in various ways, like inhaling mercury vapors during industrial and mining work. Should You Be Concerned About Mercury in FishThe oceans are contaminated with mercury due to water pollution, and the fish absorb low concentrations of mercury. This is why consuming shellfish and fish can also expose you to mercury. Methylmercury is the organic form of mercury that can concentrate in the bodies of fish over time. Methylmercury is toxic and can cause serious health problems when it accumulates to certain quantities in the body. Which Fish Have a High Mercury Content?Longer and larger fish tend to have the highest mercury content, such as:SwordfishSharkTunaKing MackerelNorthern PikeMarlinShould You Be Concerned About Mercury in FishMany bigger fish can’t easily excrete mercury from their bodies. Bigger fish often eat lots of smaller fish containing small amounts of mercury, so the levels build up over time (bioaccumulation). [2] [3]Seawater only contains small concentrations of methylmercury.

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Still, you’ve heard some people mutter that most of the weight lost on keto comes from water weight. Your body stores carbs in your liver and muscles. Your body’s storage form of glucose (sugar) is called glycogen. Glycogen supplies your body with glucose in between meals. Stored glycogen in the muscles and liver can bind some water, so when you cut your carbs, you deplete your glycogen stores and lose water weight. Low-carb diets also significantly reduce insulin levels, which causes your kidneys to excrete excess water and sodium. [2] [3]While low-carb diets do lead to an immediate and often significant reduction in water weight, this isn’t the only weight loss advantage. A growing number of studies continue to show low-carb diets reduce body fat, particularly from the liver and abdominal area where harmful belly fat is stored. Reducing levels of the fat-storage hormone insulin improves metabolism and helps you shed the pounds! [4] [5]It’s Too Difficult Long-TermPeople dismiss keto and say it’s too difficult to stick to long-term because it restricts common food groups. Critics claim this leads to feelings of deprivation that cause people to fall off the diet and regain weight. All diets usually restrict calories, macronutrients, or certain food groups.
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